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The best men are like wine. Birthdays may turn them into vinegar or the bests of wines.. Few women disclose their age. Lesser number of men acts their age.

Birthdays are reminders that we cannot turn back time. You could only wish that this year would not be

the same route you took last year.

 If you are at a stage that there are more backaches than heartaches, that’s one sure sign that you are


 Looking thirty is great- if you’re fifty.

birthday quotes

 Birthdays are there to remind us of the goodness of cakes and ice creams.

 Old age is a good stage compared to the next stage of life.

You would know that it’s your 60th birthday when you get to date women half your age without breaking

any laws.

There is always a child in every person- wonder where it’s hiding now.

 The only constant thing in this world is change – and birthdays every year!

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