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   life quote caption for Instagram  latest STATUS FOR whatsapp FACEBOOK.

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Waking up in 💧truth is_ much better than living in a lie.

When people have_ something 👩bad to say about you, its_ b’coz they don’t have _anything💘 good to say about themselves.


life quote caption

Never give_ up on something or 💛someone that , truly _believe you


I wish memories ❤were _like text messages. You can delete the ones_ you hate 😱and keep the ones you like.


Spend your life 😎with who makes _you happy, not with who _you have😆 to impress.


Happiness 😍is the only thing_ you can give without having.


love quote

All I 💚want and _all I need is only YOU!


Beauty doesn’t last_ forever💝 but a beautiful _personality does.


Sometimes second 😱chance work out _better than the first b’coz you😡 already _learned from your mistakes.


Its better to let go with_ a smile💕 in face than to hold_ on with tears in eyes.

Facebook is💖 the only_ book that we read 😁everyday.

I still remember_ the feeling I felt 💚when I first _started talking to you.

love quote caption

I am 😆not perfect _but loving you😎 makes _me the best. 

Distance💢 means so _little when someone_ means so 😱much.

Relationships❤ are _like a Book. It takes😋 years to write _but second to burn.

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